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Firstly sorry for the last post. I dont normally post this late. Got carried away with getting stuck in the same routine as every other day while not at work.

Bet there are a few of us like this.

Get up have coffee and breakfast.

Tidy up

Take dogs out,feed dogs. Then back into the comfys and then for me it's a bit of photography then onto the ps4 till its dinner time. Soak in the bath then watch the same rubbish on TV before bed just to do I all again tomorrow. God lock down can be tiring. But I guess its up to us to break that routine. What are you going to do if you are in the same boat?

I have updated the website a little bit felt that it was all over the place. Now everything is on just one page. But you have proberly seen that if you are on this blog 😁

Daisy is finally all healed from being spade so I was able to do a home photoshoot with here like I done with Jackson. This was her first time and she was AMAZING. If you havnt followed them already check out my Instagram pages where the images are on

Main - mbc.photograph

Animals - mbc.animals

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