Its been a while since I have posted. I have spent a bit of time reflecting on life. Sometimes it can feel like what have you achieved and I think that this third lockdown mentally has been one of the hardest. with not nice weather what can you do except reflect. I'm also 30 and I sometimes think (well I think about it a lot) What have I achieved in my life. You see people/ friends with their dream jobs, brought houses and I sometimes thing I don't have anything like that. Don't get me wrong I have amazing partner, live in a beautiful place with two of the cutest dog's and have a stable job. But you cant help it when you mind does over time and doesn't switch off. You think when you go what will you be remembered for.

I love my Photography and its been hard to be creative with this lockdown and i think subconsciously people always tell you 'find your niche, find your niche' which i think has played a massive part in me not doing as much as I can with it over the last couple of months. I have tried to find that 'one' thing that can be my area but trying to get creative with it is hard.

Especially when it comes to social media everyone always says to grow you need to post everyday, stay visual so people sees you. Then that makes you think, Well I cant show that or what's the point in taking a picture of that because its not my 'Niche' then before you know it you haven't posted for a few days then a week and you start to think SHIT I need to post something or I'm not going to achieve my goals of make something out of this, which then causes a snowball effect.

Why does it have to be this way. I love so many different ways of Photography, Animals, Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife, Products the list goes on. Why should I be tied down to just one niche. If you love what you do why cant you shout about it.

I want to find a way of creating a new 'niche' where you can just be creative and showcase what you want. There are probably many people out there that do this already but the ones I have spoken to always as keep it consistent. But I think its time to break that mould.

Going into my 30s I have realized what do I want to be remembered for and its only me that can achieve this. There are so many things I want to do and learn for example. I love printing of my work, would love my own studio, shout about others like a sort of magazine, helping one another, competitions and raffles, Learn learn learn I want to know all I can

Life's to short to be put into a box. Its time to break out and just be you.

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