New Year, New Lockdown, New Me

With a New year and another lockdown its time to make a new me, I am pushing for photography this year. Now that I have the time again as I am unsure when the pub will be open I am trying to be more creative within the house. I have been editing old pictures for family and friends and restoring old images. (to the best of my ability, because I'm 100% self taught I am am just experimenting ALOT)

Here's one of them images I done of a family members family -

Trying to be creative at home is tricky. As you all know my love lies in Animal, product photography and landscapes and wildlife. I don't have the best equipment and money is tight to be able to buy new lens etc. but you have to work with what you have got. I had a little scroll through Pinterest to try get some ideas and to start to find some creativiness.

I got some cardboard and painted it black and another one white so i can use these as backdrops.

I set up my makeshift set up which consisted of a Black backdrop, a blanket, 1 light source and my subject which in my case was my dog Jackson. It was quite fun to create and Jackson is just one of the best models (not being bias or anything)

Settings for this was Shutter speed of 1/320

Aperture of f 6.3

Iso 2500

Also along side this I have been trying to think of new items to capture for my Product Photography side. It ended up being a bodyshop aftershave for men's.

I had a wooden backdrop with a light behind the product shining at the backing. The product was sitting in some back card with 2 different light sources shining at it.

This is the outcome

Hope you all stay safe through these difficult times and use yout time to make a better you. That's what I'm planning


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