Happy New Year

So here we are in anther year. What are your plans this year are you going to make it the best year ever, are you going to reach your goals? I know that I am going to try my best and push myself more out of my comfort zone.

Seems this year is starting of 'Great' from being the victim of fraud on both credit and debit cards to being in Tier 4 for the beginning of the new year. Talking about that how did you see in the New Year. We had a M and S dine in for two which was amazing, lots of drinks with a lot of music and game shows on the tv.

Anyway like I was saying because I am in tier 4 you can expect to see a lot of images of my 2 fur-babies out on our daily exercises. I'm making it my mission to take my camera with me everywhere. so if you see me out on my walks feel free to ask for a snap of your pooch too. heres just some I took the other day

I did manage to get some snaps of a friends do on a 'socially distance' walk (god I head that saying, you feel like you need to say it every time time) where I took some images of her Irish setters. Good job I had my 55mm-250mm lens so I didn't need to be close, plus her dogs are quick!

Lastly I have decided to challenge myself with the 30 day photo challenge. If you want to follow this just head to my Instagram where you can also get involved to @mbcphotography.

Hope you all have a great start to your new year, stay safe and reach for those dreams this year

Happy snapping

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