So you found me. Welcome to my small piece of heaven. Let me tell you about me. My name is Matt and I am a Photographer in many areas from Product Photography to landscapes and animals. If there is something I don't know I will take the time to learn that skill and develop my knowledge. So if you need something let me know and ill try my best to assist.

I have always been a lover of photography since a young age but never really had the skills and knowledge to get anywhere with it.

My Granddad was a keen Photographer and he loved to snap away as a hobby. Sadly he passed away with cancer, but he did pass down his camera to me to I have made it my mission to make it a success in his name.

So this is how MBC was born. I aim to capture life's moments as they are precious and to keep a little piece of a memory going is amazing. This is why I am not limiting myself to one skill I want to aim to be the best in as many areas as I possible can.

Just click on the links below to take you to the areas that interest you most!

I hope you follow me on this journey and lets capture life's moments together


Animal Photography

Got a beloved pet that you want a picture of to treasure for ever. weather it be at home, out on a dog walk or studio based. I will work with you to capture their personality. I aim to spend time with you at the beginning getting to know you and your pet so they can also feel comfortable with the surroundings, myself and the camera equipment making the shots more special and natural.

Package One


Two 30cm-21cm prints 

with loads images to choose from

more prints can be purchased from £20 extra each 

Package Two


Two  30cm-21cm prints 

+ all images on USB or Via email link 

Product Photography

My passion lies with Product photography and I aim to work with you to capture the image and style that you want to achieve because at the end of the day its your business and you know how you want it to look and fee..

Have a look as some of the images below and drop me a message for more information.

Package One


Creative shoot for one product/one image

£15+ each if batches of 5 or more are purchased

Package Two


Stock image £10 per image. Discount with extra images

£5+ each if batches of 5 or more is purchased